Sendra Boots 8347 Jacinto Pyton C540 Exotic leather belt - dark brown

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Style No.: 8347
Uppers: Rindsleder & Pythonschlangenhaut
Linning: Rindsleder
Belt width: ca. 4 cm
Specials: Die Gürtelschnalle ist auswechselbar, echte Pythonschlangenhaut
Colour: JACINTO 540

Sendra Boots Leather Belt 8347 Natural Antic Jacinto Pyton C540

Sturdy leather belt with interchangeable buckle and python skin backed cut-outs!


  • Consisting of three layers of cowhide, which together have a thickness of approx. 5 mm.
  • Due to the special processing of the NATURE JANTIC leather, each belt is unique in its colour optics. In order to emphasize cut-outs, they are backed with a hand-painted python skin and decorated with leather straps. 


  • The silver-look belt buckle, which is approx. 5.5 cm high and approx. 5.5 cm wide, can be exchanged by means of four snap fasteners. The belt loop is made of the same leather as the belt.
  • In order to increase durability, the belt is lined between the two layers of leather. In addition, the three layers of the Sendra Boot 8347 Natur Antic Jacinto Pyton C540 belt have been sewn around the edges and the edges have been sealed with a special wax layer.


  • The Sendra Boots Belt 8347 Natur Antic Jacinto Pyton C540 can be used in many ways, such as with jeans and leisure trousers

Important notes and tips:

  • Due to the handcrafted production method of Sendra Boots leather belts, there may be differences in colour or design compared to the examples shown!
  • Each Sendra Boots leather belt is unique!
  • Polished leather (NATURE ANTIC) requires special care products.
  • Exotic leathers (PYTON) require special care products.
  • It is very natural that the scales of the python skin can easily rise through daily use! 

Due to the use of exotic materials, a certain caution is very important when using these articles.

The length of a leather belt can, after a certain period of use, change by about 1 cm.


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