FB Fashion Boots FG7169 Cuero leather belt - brown

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Brand: FB Fashion Boots
Style No.: FG7169
Uppers: Real Leather (SERRAJE)
Linning: Leather
Belt width: ca. 4 cm
Specials: Interchangeable belt buckle, three layers of cowhide
Colour: CUERO

FB Fashion Boots Leather Belt FG7169 Cuero Serraje Cuero - brown

Robust leather belt with exchangeable buckle! Handmade in SPAIN !


  • Consisting of three layers of waxed cowhide leather, which together have a thickness of approx. 0.5 mm.
  • The leather was processed from a whole piece.


  •  The belt buckle in old silver-look has a length of approx. 5 cm and a length of approx. 5 cm.
  • The belt buckle can be changed by means of two snap fasteners.
  • The belt loop is also made of leather and the colour matches the belt.
  • In order to increase durability, the belt has been lined again between the two layers of leather.
  • In addition, the three layers of the Fashion Boot FG7169 Cuero Serraje Cuero belt were completely sewn together at their edges and the edges were sealed with a special wax layer. 
  • The brown-coloured edge seams also serve as visual decoration.


  • Ideal with jeans and casual trousers.

Important information and tips:

Deviations from the illustrated belt:

  • Due to the handcrafted production method of the Fashion Boots products, there may be differences in colour or workmanship to the pictured items!
  • Each FASHION BOOTS leather belt is unique!
  • The length of a leather belt can change by approx. 1 cm after a certain period of use.