Harley Davidson RANDY D93261 Black engineer boot with no steel toecaps

Robuster Herren Engineerstiefel ohne Stahlkappe aus der HARLEY-DAVIDON LIFESTYLE Kollektion.

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Style No.
D93261 RANDY
Heel height
1.5 Inch (approx. 3.8 cm)
Shaft height
10 Inch (approx. 25.5 cm)

Harley Davidson Engineer Boot RANDY D93261 Black

Fashionable engineering boot without steel toe cap with breathable insole and inside zipper.

The complete interior is equipped with a breathable mesh lining.
The boot has a special footbed which absorbs every step and shock and is also very breathable.

The cemented Harley-Davidson D93261 RANDY is made of a very durable waxed cowhide leather (FULL GRAIN).

The entire outsole is oil-resistant and can also be subsequently soled.
The abrasion of the soles is reduced by the processing of special rubber types.
To facilitate entry and exit, a zipper (zipper) approx. 24 cm long has been incorporated.
The biker buckles serve as an accessory and are not removable. However, they can be easily changed if necessary.
The Biker Boot RANDY of the brand Harley-Davidson has a wide foot shape and a high tension range (width LARGE).

The Harley-Davidson D96090 engineering boot has a shaft height of 7 inches approx. 25.5 cm.
The outsole has a thickness of approx. 1 cm.
The boot has a shaft circumference of approx. 38.5 cm. Depending on the shoe size, this can be increased or decreased by 1-2.
The heel has a height of 1.5 inch approx. 3.8 cm.
Important hints and tips:   

Deviations to the pictured product:
Due to the handcrafted production method of the Harley-Davidson products, there may be differences in colour or design compared to the illustrated items!
Each pair of HARLEY-DAVIDSON boots and ankle boots is unique!
Waxed leathers (FULL GRAIN) also require special care products.
With the cemented production method (CEMENT CONSTRUCTION), a small running-in phase must always be observed!


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