Tony Mora

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Tony Mora – A family business from Majorca shows the world how to make Cowboy boots

Tony Mora is one of the most prestigious companies in Majorca. The founder, Antonio Mora, is now 80 years old. Years ago, he started to sell the cowboy boots that his father, a traditional Majorcan shoemaker, produced. Originally visitors from the US shared the secrets of their craftsmanship with the Mora family. This was the birth of the family business Tony Mora and now the Majorcan company sets the benchmark worldwide for quality cowboy boots with the authentic Western look. Most shoemakers in the company have been working for Tony Mora for over 25 years working and before an employee retires, he passes on his accumulated knowledge to his successor. Also in terms of machinery, some of which has already been in use for decades, no shoe comes off the assembly line here. The long shoemaking tradition is thus preserved - and it shows.

At Tony Mora customisation and craftsmanship come first

At Tony Mora, the product counts first and foremost. Some call it Majorcan understatement, others are just thrilled. The factory’s own Tony Mora Store is the only place in Mallorca, where you can buy the boots. In general, CEO Tolo Cardell relies almost entirely on on-line and export trade with selected dealers that do the image of the brand justice. We are proud to be included among these. Here hardly anything comes off the shelf. Tony Mora boots and ankle boots are produced in limited numbers. For example, no more than 50,000 pieces a year leave the warehouse. Forty percent of the shoes are made to measure. The elaborate production method and the selected materials guarantee excellent fit and wearing comfort, durability and justify the price. For example, everyone Tony Mora Cowboy boot take around 100 production steps.

Because the inner values count: Tony Mora boots are not just nice on the outside

Tony Mora boots don’t just stand out from the outside with their exotic materials like ostrich leather, python, crocodile or iguana leather. The inside of the boots made of calf’s kin, also fascinates those wearing Tony Mora boots. The wearer’s feet can breathe through the separate inner and outer layer of the boots. In summer, they stay cool and airy, in winter they stay warm, because the inner leather layer absorbs the body heat.

This is how the gentlemen of the species style the Tony Mora boots

Lana was right…!
„Blue jeans, white shirt - Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn - It was like, James Dean, for sure - You're so fresh to death & sick as ca-cancer - …” – so beautifully raves Lana del Ray, in her chart hit "Blue Jeans". Millions of female eyes and ears can’t be wrong: The simple look, consisting of blue jeans, a white shirt and cowboy boots goes down well.

Awaken the rock star in you
If we are talking about pop icons, we might as well stay in the niche of the stars and starlets. All in black, you can combine both the simple and the unusual exotic Tony Mora boots, preferably with black tube or leather trousers, black shirt, with or without a hat and a host of chains and rings. Warning: you may be taken for a rock star!

Are Tony Mora boots just for real men? Are you serious! Girls make our Tony Mora boots and ankle boots look really sexy

Of course you can get inspiration from the styling possibilities of the boys - to show how versatile you can combine the Tony Mora ankle boots and Cowboy boots as a woman; we will provide you with a few more suggestions.

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