Jack Daniel´s

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Jack Daniel’s – a legend

Jack Daniel's is the world's leading and best-selling American whiskey brand, producing about 90 million litres of whiskey a year. The founder Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel produced his first whiskey when he was only 14 and sold it in the neighbourhood. Daniels set up the first distillery in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tennessee, thereby setting the foundation for its success.

Even today, the Jack Daniel's brand is associated with the erstwhile marketing strategy of its founder. Daniels dressed like an early 19th century Southern gentleman. The delicate whiskey distiller wore a colourful vest along with his frock coat and a white straw hat, as was customary then for plantation owners in the South. Along with this, he had a neatly trimmed goatee. As early as the late 19th century, this look had fallen out of fashion and was therefore long remembered with the little Daniels and proved ideal for advertising purposes.

To date, the Jack Daniel's company has only been sold once. In 1956, the Brown-Forman Group acquired the company and led it under Daniel’s descendant, his grandnephew Motlow, to world fame.

For a long time, the demand for Jack Daniel's Whiskey outstripped the production volumes, which is why the company simply allotted quantities available to different purchasers. Following this circumstance, Jack Daniel's launched a great advertising campaign with the slogan "We’d rather ask for your patience than your forgiveness (for bad whiskey)".

In 1997, the company responded with the single barrel to the growing demand for high-priced whiskeys and in the 2000s, ready-remixed long drinks in cans were introduced, thereby demonstrating the ability to constantly reinvent and develop their own strong brand.

The typical square design of Jack Daniel's whiskey bottles originated in 1895 and is still used today.

Merchandise becomes fashion must-haves

Great emphasis was always placed on marketing since the inception of the company and Jack Daniel's still shines today with sensitivity for trends and self-promotion.

The hype surrounding the whiskey brand was initially supported with small advertising gimmicks like glasses, cups and mirrors. Later, bags, clothing and accessories were added and are now a common feature part in people’s wardrobes and no longer have anything to do with merchandise, but rather with style.

Jack Daniel's boots are sturdy and represent a strong biker look. The famous whiskey bottle emblem creates the unmistakable connection to the brand. There are also rubber boots in the Jack Daniel's design, so you can even go out in the rain without any hassle.

The highlight of the Jack Daniel's fashion line is the many different belts, original Jack Daniel's buckles and belt buckles. With various types of leather and designs whether the cowhide look or snake design, the Jack Daniel's repertoire offers the right thing for every taste. The belt buckles come in playful to the ultimate in male, but the original logo print is of course never missing.

Jack Daniel's buckles are an absolute must. With a seemingly endless range, buckles set the favourite belt in the right light. You can create new styles in a flash by simply replacing the buckle and there is the next cool Jack Daniel's look.


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