Indian Mood

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Indian Mood – Fair and colourful

Indian Mood is a young German company that has taken on the task of selling top-quality Indian fabrics in Germany. In addition to the desire to establish colourful, multifaceted Indian products on the German market, the company is committed to supporting fair trade in India. When you purchase Indian Mood products, you are buying a piece of quality and fair-trade individuality. Fine materials like silk and leather flatter the skin and will certainly cause a visual stir and create an imaginative finish for any outfit.

The products are selected locally by scouts in India and subjected to extensive quality testing. And Indian Mood attaches great importance to fair production conditions. Indian Mood uses regular spot checks in the manufacturing factories to monitor production standards, to guarantee constant, consistent product quality. Indian Mood’s product portfolio ranges from leather goods, scarves and shawls through to natural soaps and detergents - yes, you heard right!

Indian Mood is totally opposed to child labour! The charity project "Only a girl" uses donations to support disadvantaged girls locally.

Leather items from the Orient

Indian Mood produces a rage of different items from the finest leather. These include shoulder bags, purses, handbags, pencil cases, toilet bags, tablet and mobile phone covers and bags, organisers, travel bags and belts.

Alongside the beautiful timeless designs, the main focus here is also on fair production. In contrast to the short-lived trends of the fashion industry, Indian Mood is more into longevity and the quality of its products. All of the company’s products are also tested for harmful substances.

Indian Mood offers leather bags for any occasion with many useful extras. Large bags for short weekend trips feature space for clothes and shoes and matching toilet bag. The interiors are creative designed and there are also compartments for important documents, mobile phones and keys. The strap can be held together if necessary with a button fastener and for longer distances, there is a length-adjustable and padded shoulder strap.

It is not just the outside of Indian Mood bags that catch the eye; the inner lining can also hold its own. Chequered, plain or patterned, there is a design to suit every taste.

The absolute hit is the vintage bags made of naturally tanned hunter natural leather. The robust look of the leather can be excellently combined with casual jeans styles. But even classier outfits give vintage bags that certain je ne sais quoi.

Don’t shoot the Messenger – With Indian Mood, you’ll always have the right bag

Whether it is a messenger bag, business bag, travel bags or wallet - with Indian Mood you will always have the right bag for you. The high-quality leather goods from Indian Mood, made from washable buffalo leather, look super and blend excellently with any outfit you have. With their simple leather look, you can combine the bags and purses by Indian Mood with nearly any imaginable outfit. Whether with matching business bag with that simple office look, consisting of suit trousers, shirt and fine Chelsea boots or messenger bag and casual outfit off on an adventure, that is up to you.

You can also ”see“ the feel of the Indian Mood bags. The Indian buffalo leather feels class and is also very robust and durable. Here you are getting excellent quality "Made in Germany", and one which also represents fair values.

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